Decision Theory: a framework to help us formulate rules and tactics for making the best decisions possible.

Without an effective method for making correct decisions- you’re flying blind. Maybe you’ll be happy with the outcome or maybe you won’t be? But either way, this 50/50 shot is sub-optimal.

Regret Minimization

Because we…

The Ivy Lee Method: Do the most important thing first each day.

Build habits so you don’t waste time thinking

  • Prepare your day the night before: 1) use Chunking or the Pomodoro technique to schedule breaks, 2) know what time you’re most productive and plan accordingly, 3) set a hard…

From their Website:

  • The initial objective of the program was to position the country as the most important innovation hub in Latin America. To lead the way by attracting international entrepreneurs and transform local entrepreneurial culture to become more global.
  • Our model influenced the creation of 50 entrepreneurship programs across…

(I wrote this as a Toastmasters speech in Dec. 2017)

“How do you explain when others are able to achieve things that seem to defy all of the assumptions?” This is how Simon Sinek started the third most watched TED talk in the world. He talks about why having a…

(I wrote this as a Toastmasters speech in Nov. 2017)

I was born in Colombia to two entrepreneurial parents one of whom owns a school. Ever since I was little I knew business and helping others was what I wanted to do when I grew up. When I was 7…

Adelaida Diaz-Roa

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